About Us

Comfort Meals has been serving the Greater Montreal community since 2002. With how fast the elderly and the working population are growing, there has been an increasing need for our services. We’ve filled that void and have been very successful at it.

Comfort Meals understands the need for a healthier way of eating without compromising on taste. All our foods are made from scratch using fresh ingredients. Food is meant to be fresh. The less it is processed, handled, modified and treated – the better it is.

Comfort Meals is not just frozen meals, it is a delivery service where we care about our clients likes and dislikes, health issues and dietary restrictions. We give our clients the time to address their issues and guide them through our menu. We are not gourmet food we are comfort food with a twist of health, less salt and lower fat. Our individual meals consist of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

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